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    I know that, nowadays, graduating college students need to have work experience in their chosen field. However, many students have no chosen field. Liberal arts majors, like me, for example, chose their major because it had the most appeal. I studied what I thought to be interesting or, at least, tolerable. So what kind of experience should I be seeking?

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    While you may not have a “chosen field” yet, you can still start gaining experience by trying an internship in Field A, a volunteership in Field B, a part-time job in Field C, etc. It’s not a smooth way of doing things, but in reality it’s the way most of us work when it comes to finding our initial career path. After all, you can read all you want to about careers and even talk to people in various careers. But most people don’t really decide if a field is right for them until they experience it firsthand.

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