Super Beta Launch

When I told Chad, we wanted to take on VirtualInterns for some super strategy to help build off his world class domains, I nearly chipped off my nails when I added, “lets build and launch beta in two weeks”. I know it was realistic. I’m writing the initial blog super launch, ain’t I?

My name is Maida and I’m the so-called “Mentor” of these young super group. I hate the word “mentor”, it makes me feel OLD. Well enough about me, let me tell you what we initially thought of building. We wanted a community, off the bat, not like Facebook but centered on both the students and the employers and a host of other features.

Albeit, we wanted to launch with a blast, we wanted to start off with a small list of features that we thought were doable in two weeks. Armed with wordpress, great plugins and then again our “super” great virtual team, we went to work.

Going and working virtually with remote people is not without full of challenges. The most challenging is the differing time zones between team members. Others are in the US, India, Brazil, and the Philippines. But yet again, we pushed through, I do have a super fun team.

So yes, Virtualinterns, drum rolls please.. tan tan taaaaaaannn. is now officially in beta launch!

We are also gearing up to get at the least 500 interns and 2000 compounded likes and follows on our facebook and twitter page.


P.S. THE real question is, if you really have read this post, then you  know I love the word “super”! So there!

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